Affiliate Marketing

Today, affiliate marketing is being placed among the essential factor in a company’s overall marketing techniques. Wondering, how can this unique marketing strategy help you in business growth and sales? Well, Affiliate Mentor Guild offers you the affiliating marketing service that allows you to sell your products through an online Pay for Performance model.

Through the service, you only pay the affiliates for introducing a new subscriber/client, leading to a sale or lead generation. We form an effective connection forming a bridge between the affiliates and merchants in this dynamic field. On hiring our service, you will experience steady and instant improvements of web traffic taking you to increased business growth, keeping ahead of potential competitors. With our affiliate marketing service, you will have higher ROI and profitable returns leading to trusted partnerships between advertisers and publishers.

Types of affiliates that boosts your business sale

Use of coupon code: In the process, coupon codes are shared with visitors through social networks, email campaigns or posted on open listing sites. The discount availed on products through the coupon codes leads to sale generations.

Commission-based or per sale payment: This arrangement involves payment to the publisher for every purchase initiated on the site. It can be anything between a flat rate commission based payment or sliding scales based on increased traffic.

Cashbacks/loyalty: When apps or websites that offers donations, cashbacks or rewards to the members in exchange for purchasing products from the partner merchant. This in a way supports in increasing business sales.

Content marketing: Creating content including image links, affiliate ads, contextual links and widgets. Not just this, it also covers user generated content as discussion platforms.

PPC: Through PPC campaigns, improved traffic is directed to the website using margin specific keywords.

How our affiliate marketing services can help you?

We, at Affiliate Mentor Guild, we use affiliate marketing channels to bring great returns for your business. The performance-based campaigns ensure returns in affirmation as one need to
pay only for results. The affiliate campaigns we provide, run within a predefined timeframe and a budgetary boundary, resulting to faster performance boost.

We give way to result-based program offering commissions on basis of clicks on subscriptions, links through online form filling or a product or service sale. Our marketers will plan and discuss the strategy with you and additionally decide the metrics, final goals and select the most appropriate affiliate programs available.

Benefits for your business: You will have an extended reach, boost in sales via top publisher network.

Are you interested in taking your business to greater heights of success? Contact us today for detailed information on affiliate marketing programs.