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Personal Profile: Adrian McGlinchey
(Affiliate Mentor Guild)

Date Last Edited: 15-Sep-2017 [10:30pm]

Personal Interests:


    •     Internet Marketing; Web Application Design;
    •     Art & Craft; Cooking; Creative Writing;
    •     DIY Home Improvement;
    •     History & Ancient Culture

    •     I love fine food from many cuisines.

    •     I enjoy good intelligent conversation on areas of mutual interest.
    •     Dislike modern-day political correctness – it conceals many a lie!
          When we disagree with something we should try to find the integrity
          to respectfully say so, without being abusive, and to offer some
          constructive alternatives. This is how humanity improves itself!


After leaving high school I completed a Diploma in Computer Operations and began my working life as a mainframe computer operator. With the increasing prevalence of personal computers and the internet, work on mainframe computers was dwindling and so I settled into an administrative role at one of our state energy utilities in Victoria, Australia, which lasted 12 years. In the 1980s to 1990s governments began their false economy programmes of rationalising and selling off our public utilities and so I left this situation feeling somewhat betrayed after all the the furfies I had been told about having a good work ethic so one can have a career for life. After leaving the state energy utility, true job security was nigh impossible to find, despite my best efforts. In my later years I enrolled with Open University to study for a degree in Internet Communications. Family issues and personal health problems presented some obstacles to me, but I am re-enrolling for the start of next year to resume my studies. I also try to learn as much as I can about internet marketing with the aim of expanding my home-based business. I think this is more achievable for me than to keep hoping some employer will ever give me a chance at anything worthwhile. Change can be painful, but it can also set us free. An innovative society needs less middle managers and petty supervisors in companies and more entrepreneurs who go out and create their own opportunities. Unfortunately it is usually the workers who get the shove first, not middle or executive management, and so we have much cronyism in the job market today. Despite all this bad news, I want to show people that there is a better way than to trust that employers will always give us the opportunities we need.

Current Projects:

Currently working hard to get this Affiliate Mentor Guild project fully up and running. The website, as you can see, is now live, albeit awaiting some final tweaks and corrections. As soon as I complete this profile under the About Me page, I will begin putting some promotions together to review and showcase some interesting products and services. I am also heavily involved with my study commitments in Web Application Design and also Internet Marketing. I write blog articles at some of my other personal interest sites when I can; however, there never seem to be enough hours in the day or night but I keep persisting. I try to maintain clarity by keeping my personal interest sites separate from this primary business website so as not to confuse viewers and customers. Although I have many personal hobby interests, I will endeavour to prioritise the Affiliate Mentor Guild project to get some great content posted up to this website as soon as practically possible.


I have already touched on some of my goals in the Background section, because I believe that even personal history needs to be tied in with present and future to make it relevant. As mentioned, my aim is to build a home-based business and to grow it in stages. I am also trying to demonstrate that ordinary folk like you or I can create our own independence by marketing direct to the customer without having to lay out massive capital to buy into a business. Depending on the person’s time and effort invested, this can result in either a part/residual income or a full income that is higher than any employer will pay us. Not everyone wants to engage in this kind of business and I understand and respect this, but the other side of the coin is that we will have plenty of high-quality products and services for prospective customers to consider. The type of business we are engaging in here is not multi-level marketing, but it is direct selling, except that we don’t have to carry any stock. Having a direct relationship with both the customer and the vendor, we do fair and honest product reviews and refer the buyer onto the vendor’s payment gateway. As my own experience and knowledge grows, I will be posting up blog articles and news updates to share some practical advice on how people can build their own successful internet business by building their own websites and also exploring the benefits of Web 3 social media. All this effectively means that the Affiliate Marketing Guild will be a tripple-layered business: 1) Products and services for customers; 2) Marketing business for commission income; and 3) Educational articles and videos for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Thank you for reading this and taking an inerest in what I have to say.


Adrian McGlinchey

[Melbourne – Australia]